Open AQAvit Test Strategy

Shelley Lambert, Lan Xia

Open AQAvit Test Strategy for OpenJDK binaries are based on open, transparent, robust, and adaptable test suites. We are establishing AQA as the comprehensive open quality standard for OpenJDK verification. AQAvit verification demonstrates that the product is a high-quality offering, ready for enterprise usage, and production quality inclusion criteria. It is one of the three requirements for listing at the Adoptium Marketplace. In this presentation, we take a deep dive into the Open AQAvit Test Strategy: How do we use Eclipse AQAvit tests (that are made available to the public at no charge) to deliver business value to major Java distributors, such as IBM, Red Hat, Microsoft, Alibaba, and more? How can we complete 87 million+ tests in a timely fashion with limited machine resources at Eclipse Adoptium and Eclipse OpenJ9 open-source projects. We will talk about our approaches of using smart parallelization, handling copious amounts of verification data, leveraging visualization techniques, implementing Github Actions/workflow, enabling VM cloud, Machine Learning project, and other improvements.

Shelley is a Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat. She is a PMC member at Eclipse Adoptium and serves as project lead and committer on several Eclipse projects. She is deeply committed to create environments where everyone has opportunities to learn and grow. A great deal of her time is spent ensuring the projects she is responsible for are flourishing, which includes actively engaging new and first-time open source contributors.
Lan Xia is a Test Lead in IBM Runtime Technologies. She is a committer and active contributor to the open-source projects – Eclipse OpenJ9 and Eclipse AQAvit, where she is also PMC member at Adoptium and serves on the Adoptium Steering committee. She has extensive experience in software development and web development. She designs and implements various applications and tools, including Node.js based Test Results Summary Service, and DevOps CI pipelines to continually transform development practices to be more efficient and effective.