UX Improvements of Forms - Or: How to Get Users Annoyed

Martina Linnemann

Have you ever wondered why the auto-filling functionality in the browser works really well for some websites but not at all for others? Or have you ever been annoyed when you couldn’t use keyboard navigation? Those are some examples of hurdles users have to face when they have to fill out a form on a website. Users regularly encounter forms on websites, and we, as developers, have to implement them. Although we developers also encounter forms as users and know about possible pain points, there are still forms that need better UX out there. Sometimes improving the UX of form fields would be easily achievable. But from my experience, I know that not all of us (myself included) always really think about it while implementing forms.

In this talk, you will learn about easily achievable UX improvements and why we tend to overlook them. And to spoil it a bit, it is not only about missing types or wrong names for input fields. Furthermore, you will learn why you have to think about biases while improving your UX.

Martina Linnemann is a Full Stack Software Engineer at shopware AG. She joined Shopware in 2017 as an apprentice and successfully finished her Computer Scientist apprenticeship in January 2020. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science (B.Sc.) from the University of Applied Science Münster in February 2022. Since she completed her studies, she has worked as a Full Stack Software Engineer at shopware AG. She gathered years of knowledge in web development and is passionate about finding ways to improve UX easily. Martina regularly speaks at company events and holds internal presentations as well as presentations at her former University of Applied Science. This experience and Martina's insights as a developer promise an engaging talk focused on easy UX improvements.