Human Learning

Milena Fluck

"Before we work on artificial intelligence why don’t we do something about natural stupidity?\” — Computer scientist Steve Polyak

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Mining – yes, there is no way around these buzz words in the modern IT world. The hype regarding virtual agents doing breathtaking things such as optimize the ability to acquire knowledge or retrieving this knowledge as cost-effectively and use-case-oriented as possible – aka learning - is getting bigger and bigger.

Whether it is the velcro inspired by the burdock or thermal insulation systems following the model of polar bears - the nature serves as a model. When it comes to learning - the process of acquiring knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught - we are the perfect role model for artificial approaches. But do you even know how you learn?

Learning is not just a must-have ability but your most powerful tool to become your most valuable version. It is an ability you can learn and optimize throughout your whole life. You should never stop learning and learn how to learn. Especially in the IT industry with its constantly expanding concepts and emerging technologies learning is essential.

In this talk we will discover the human learning process. We will uncover common myths and collect learning tips that can immediately be applied. Always in conjunction with the specific learning environment of software development and underlying learning concepts well-known from the area of AI.

After her Bachelor in Cognitive and Media Sciences B.Sc. and her master’s in interactive digital media at Trinity College Dublin, Milena decided to go into software development. She has been a software engineer at adesso since 2020 and founded the startup DillyBeeze in 2021. As a career changer, it was necessary to learn quickly and well to keep up with her colleagues from the computer science field. In addition to a high willingness to learn, her knowledge in the areas of cognition, teaching, and learning psychology was particularly helpful. Learning is an essential part of Milena's work as a software developer. Therefore, she is especially happy to be able to pass on her knowledge from these areas of psychology.