Infrastructure as Code with Terraform

Nora Schöner 

Being able to script my infrastructure is an awesome feature I don’t want to miss anymore. Over two years ago I started with Terraform and I’m still in love, but run through some pain points, as well. In this session I want to give you an introduction to scripting your infrastructure with Terraform, talking about best practises as well as tipps and tricks and what I like & don’t like. I’ll mainly focus on deploying infrastructure to AWS, but Terraform can be used for multiple providers. So let’s explore together how far we can go with IaC - Infrastructure as Code. This session requires at least basic understanding of Cloud Computing.

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Nora Schöner, a German based Cloud Engineer, has been working in the tech industry since 2012. Among other things, she focuses on Cloud Computing and DevOps. You can find her mainly working with Amazon Web Services. Currently Nora works at Codecamp:N, a Startup based in Nuremberg, providing and maintaining the infrastructure of one of the projects challenging digital personal provision. Since this year she shares her knowledge and experiences through her German tech blog.
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