Automated Source-Code Refactoring for Framework Migration and Vulnerability Patches

Zohra Zekeria 

Source code refactoring and framework migrations are necessary steps for maintaining the software. Patching security vulnerabilities would be more difficult with outdated frameworks or libraries. Especially, when migrating to the cloud we have to update to the new version for example Java 8 to 11 or 17 and should make the quality of the code higher as possible. But what if you want to refactor a source code with 300k lines of the code which is not updated in the last ten years, manually updating and refactoring take months and also could be error prone. Here we should think of an automating tool.
OpenRewrite is one such tool that can solve this problem. Of Course this tool needs to be configured and time should be invested to write the specific recipe for the specific problems. Which is way more efficient compared to solving thousands of issues in a big source code.In this talk I would discuss the core concept of open-rewrite, recipes for popular problems with practical Java examples and finally how to write a custom refactoring action.

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Zohra Zekeria is a Software Developer in DEVK Versicherungen. She has a master`s degree focused in Computer Science from Technische Universität Berlin. She has been working in the IT field for more than 10 years but started Java programming in 2021. Zohra believes in constant development and she is always interested to learn and work with new technologies.
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