Service Mesh patterns

Alex Soto

As we start to go toward cloud-native infrastructure and build our applications out of microservices, we must fully face the drawbacks and challenges to doing so. Some of these challenges include how to consistently monitor and collect statistics, tracing, and another telemetry, how to add resiliency in the face of unexpected failure, how to do powerful feature routing (ie feature graduation, tap compare) and much more like securing your services correctly. Service mesh, in general, helps developers solve this in a non-invasive way. In this session, we’ll show how you can take advantage of these capabilities and show you some patterns that you can implement easily with a service mesh to make your delivery to production smoothly and without surprises. We expect most developers haven’t adequately solved for these issues, so we’ll take it to step by step and build up a strong understanding of Istio and its patterns, harness its power in your production services architecture.

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